ITS Camera System

ITS Camera System ITS camera system with specialised accessories for No seat belt, Mobile phone use while driving and Smoking violation. Camera system obtains ?in vehicle? view despite strong sky reflectance typically seen at mounting heights of 4m onwards. Night time performance of the ITS camera system: Head Lights supressed, Number Plates visible, Faces inside…

Non Rule based Artificial Intelligence

Non Rule based Artificial Intelligence FACIAL EXPRESSION : A recognition system built on publicly available data set plus Faces created using Generative Adversarial Networks which involves face detection (green square), facial landmark detection (blue crosses), registration to reference landmarks (red circles), and illumination correction. Currently the engine is identifying 6 expressions (neutral, surprised, sad, happy,…

TARS (Traffic Accident Reporting System)

Road traffic accidents can be classified into three main groups: Accidents that are minor and that do not need to be reported immediately or urgently (such as accidents that do not result in any injuries and where all drivers stop to exchange full details, or accidents that do not involve a mechanically propelled vehicle). Accidents…

People Tracking

People Tracking People Tracking starts with identifying people in frames using AI trained in publicly available datasets for humans. Once identified, the particular area of interest is passed on to a deeper level module AI engine that is bifurcate an individual’s traits (e.g. face, gender, hair length, shirt / pant color and type, shoes, specs,…

Video Motion Detection

Video Motion Detection Using battle tested algorithms of computer vision, engine can do a frame-by-frame analysis of any movement in a video or live feed. It rules out the noise or negative objects using an AI based object detection engine. In this way we get a very robust engine both accuracy and FPS wise

Gesture recognition

Gesture recognition Person’s pose estimation conclusion AI engine, which will detect, estimate, track a person’s pose. The model would have been trained in poses (e.g.: walking, running, fighting, carrying a weapon, etc) and the current pose will be deeply pattern matched using AI engine’s model architecture.

Video Smoke Detection / Fire Detection

Video Smoke Detection / Fire Detection Combination of Object Detection and automatic Thermal map measurement techniques, the Secura AI engine determines the fire and smoke patterns based on object detection engine, and it’s double checked using the image processing’s thermal mapping / thresholding algorithms .

Queue Management

Queue Management The AI based engine already detects people and tracks them over. Factoring in meta data like duration, free slots etc., and applying those along with divert mechanics and more, the automated engine can be used for queue management, queue distribution and waiting time analysis as well


Tailgating Vehicle Tailgating – Combination of vehicle detection and classic tracking algorithms in image processing. The AI engine first detects the actual vehicle and using tracking algorithms keeps track of it until the object is out of view. Also, the history of vehicle location is measured in comparison to objects around it. This results in…